Our Production

The honest way 

We love and produce fashion. And we are aware of the responsibility we bear. That is why the SAINT MIGNAR team pays very close attention to the quality of the materials used and the conditions of our production. Sustainability is a central subject for us, where we make our decisions deliberately and out of conviction. We do everything we can, but we also reach our limits. There is no easy answer to one of the most difficult questions of our time. We are on a challenging path and we want to deal with it transparently and comprehensibly. Our customers should be able to trust us - including in the production. 


A true vision 

The fabrics we use come from Europe and have at least an Oeko-Tex100 or higher certification. We have visited all our production sites in Portugal. We were able to convince ourselves of the working conditions and processes on site and confidently place the production of our fashion in their hands. We have a clear vision: fair, transparent and demanding. Not everything is always perfect, but we do not stand still and are constantly evolving.