Saint Mignar Dresses

grew out of the desire to create cool looks

Saint Mignar stands for flowing silhouettes and well thought-out cuts, in which we pay particular attention to the quality of the materials used. The ladies' dresses can be combined effortlessly with matching tops such as jumpers and cardigans. Every woman who wears a piece by Saint Mignar can be confident that it has been produced with a differentiated awareness of sustainability.

and the vision of sustainable production methods

Only certified fabrics from Europe are used for Saint Mignar dresses for women. Saint Mignar manufactures 100% in Portugal. Our fair dresses capture the modern womans identity.

Saint Mignar gives a distinct style promise: Fashion that combines feminine charm, love of life and self-confident casualness. The demand for quality and substance encourages us. Saint Mignar is a personal matter in every aspect: from the very beginning it has been designed to create contemporary looks for women whose casual coolness and self-confident elegance inspire us.